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Topic subjectHe tends to love anything Wachowski
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743103, He tends to love anything Wachowski
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Dec-26-21 11:17 PM
I agree with you that much of this movie, along with the bulk of the Wachowski catalog, is goofy as hell.

But while I enjoy needling him about it because I think there's some stanning involved there, the fact its there's somethkng about what they do that speaks to him on a deeper level. That's what a cult following is, and the Wachowskis (I do realize this is a Lana solo outing) have it in droves.

That said, I think th4se two films are much too different for the "you hate this but love THAT?" retort.

I think that works when lookimg at the framework of someone's overall sensibilities. I.e, Frank hasong shown a love for dumb popcorn fun in action movies. Not that this is how *he* sees Matrix 4, but it certainly sits more in that wheelhouse than the sort of send up attempted by Don't Look Up.