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Topic subjectI though it was awesome.
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743099, I though it was awesome.
Posted by blueeclipse, Sun Dec-26-21 07:24 PM
It struggled to get going for the first 20 minutes or so but once it established it's tone and it's world it was interesting ride.

It's hard to do this kind of satire right now because of how batshit insane everything is. People may feel like this film is overreaching or pompous but it's really not far off from what we're dealing with now.

I thought McKay found subtle ways to make that point and really obvious ways too.

Like most of McKay's recent work this just leaves you with unease after. Most people don't want to watch films that do that so it will not appeal.

I thought the actors were able to keep it in their lanes and I actually thought this was one of Leo's best performances as far as just playing a "guy". That sounds easy to do but it's not for an actor of his stature. Matt Damon is probably the best of all the big name actors at doing it but I like when the top tier actors do it because it always serves the material and allows these types of movies to exist on a scale they probably wouldn't otherwise if at all.

They had every current archetype nailed from Meryl Streep as the President doing dumb Republican type shit to Mark Rylance playing the conglomerate CEO psuedo-liberal creep.