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Topic subjectDon’t Look Up (McKay, 2021)
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743086, Don’t Look Up (McKay, 2021)
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Dec-26-21 02:16 AM
I really liked The Big Short.
I didn’t like Vice.
I *really* didn’t like Don’t Look Up.

One half earnest, overwrought, and patronizing. The other half broad, buckshot, and patronizing. The good bits were reeeeeeeally few and far between for me. I fear McKay’s compulsion to make “important movies” has completely compromised his ability to make good and/or effective movies.

I know some who really liked this, so maybe I’ll be alone here. But woof. A huge miss and a massive waste of talent for me. Easily Leo’s worst movie of the last decade and one of the worst of his career.

Something nice to say about it: Chalamet is easily the MVP. Dude has real comedic chops. He’s in, like, 4-5 scenes in a 150 minute movie, but still.