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Topic subjectEncanto (Disney+)
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743081, Encanto (Disney+)
Posted by weaponry, Sat Dec-25-21 01:39 PM
It was good af.
743083, RE: lin-manuel doing music
Posted by weaponry, Sat Dec-25-21 03:21 PM
they need to chill on hiring LMM on doing music... or at least space him out for several years at a time.

his music obviously has a certain sound to it that is way too familiar and though he is crazy talented at his sound and his lane...his music bag aint diverse enough to come up with a wider array of sounds and melodies and what not

don't get me wrong, he's good but his stuff is too damn familiar and takes away from the originality of different movies.

i keep hearing hamilton shit when i watch the movies he does music in.
743106, He did Vivo on Netflix. It sounds same as Encanto.
Posted by Tiger Woods, Mon Dec-27-21 03:11 PM
If you want hyper articulate pseudo-Latino rap pop he’s your guy.
743109, RE: He did Vivo on Netflix. It sounds same as Encanto.
Posted by weaponry, Mon Dec-27-21 06:02 PM
i feel like he actually tried his best to sound different and he did ok for a good chunk of the movie but then in the third act he had to bring in his damn rappity rap shit and that annoyed tf out of me. i don't want to actively think of lin manuel when i watch a damn disney movie.
743088, Pretty sure this is what they did instead of A Spell For Chameleon
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Dec-26-21 02:25 AM
Haven't seen it yet but the trailer feels a LOT like A Spell For Chameleon.

Can't blame them though. Piers Anthony has some excellent concepts that are undermired by what are, IMO, hackish tendencies, not to mention his consistently problematic sexual themes.
743089, never heard of A Spell For Chameleon
Posted by weaponry, Sun Dec-26-21 10:58 AM
but just read the summary online. yeah it sounds very similar.

but man encanto was really damn good. loved the story and so visually enjoyable.
743104, Figured. Disney optioned Spell years ago and nothing came of it.....
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Dec-27-21 12:31 AM
....until now.

I'm sure they changed more than enough to make this an original work, but my guess is the development of this has a directink back to their option for Spell.

Xanth has a lot of weird shit, as do most Piers Anthony books. But he's got some core ideas that would absolutely kill on a quality tv show. Still waiting on HBO, Starz, or Showtime to create a series out of his Incarnations Of Immortality series.

Far as Encanto, I'll catch that this weekend most likely. My wife and daughter loved it, and i'm sure I'll enjoy it too.
743113, Loved it
Posted by ProgressiveSound, Tue Dec-28-21 04:26 AM
743137, I thought it was very good
Posted by makaveli, Wed Dec-29-21 12:25 PM
for the most part i thought the music was pretty good. great story, funny. to me Moana and Coco are top tier of the current era but i'd put this right below them with Luca and Soul.
743198, RE: Encanto (Disney+)
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Dec-31-21 07:20 PM
Movie is dope.

Been watching it steadily the past week (I have a 3.5 y.o. princess)..