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Topic subjectAbsolutely the best Directed episode so far.
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743452, Absolutely the best Directed episode so far.
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Jan-26-22 09:10 PM
I'll say this though - she had an advantage (besides Mando) that the other directors didn't have. In episodes 1 through 4 we had the storytelling split between the present day story of Boba as a crime lord and the flashbacks. I think that was a great idea using the flashbacks to bring that together, but it feels a bit like Favreau had that idea, but each director handled that split storytelling a bit differently (he's been the writer for every episode, but hasn't directed any.)

Bryce was free to just direct the story without having to split time. That in addition to your great points on choices she made really made this the best episode so far. An example I'll mention is the Mando/Vizla fight...that was a difficult thing to pull off. She had to direct that showing that Mando wasn't in full control of the dark saber - struggling against its "weight", but he needed to ultimately win that fight. All while battling on a rail-less walkway with space behind them. That was beautifully done. I also mentioned up above how well done the sequence was in the N-1 Starfighter - that thing looks better on this TV show than we ever saw them look in the prequels. You could FEEL how fast it was going...