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Topic subjectFINALLY!...give Bryce Dallas Howard ALL the eps....
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743451, FINALLY!...give Bryce Dallas Howard ALL the eps....
Posted by Voodoochilde, Wed Jan-26-22 08:36 PM
...gotta be honest, up to this point, ive felt the Direction in the Boba eps has been 'uneven', mostly lacking in dynamics, intrigue and 'fun'...imo it hasnt been the writing or the plot-lines that have been lacking, ive personally felt its the Direction thats been the issue...meaning HOW the story is being presented, not the story itself....

so far, until now, ONLY episode 2 gave me any significant 'wow' feelings....the others not so much.

Enter the talented Bryce Dallas Howard.
From start to finish, THIS LATEST episode (5) was FUN, COOL, EXCITING....and no, its not just because you-know-who is in it, but its because of HOW the story was told...all of the CHOICES the Director made here are what made this such a satisfying episode.

(as a side note, some of my favorite episodes of the previous live action Star Wars series were also Directed by Mz Howard)....so, with that i say...give Bryce ANYthing she wants to direct in this universe... please.