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Posted by soulfunk, Wed Jan-26-22 08:04 PM
>Do you think he helps out Boba before leaving or he takes off and this is a set up for season 3?

I think he visits Grogu to check in on him and then comes back to Tatooine to help Boba, with season 3 of Mando being about his struggle with other Mandalorians (both the Death Watch remnant with the Armorer/Vizla and Bo Katan's group.)

Also I don't think the Grogu visit even happens on screen in Book of Boba Fett. There's two episodes left in this show, and we still need to see Boba Fett pull together his team and have the war with the Pikes, and resolve the situation in Mos Espa.

My guess is the next episode opens with Mando's return to Tatooine to join up with Boba along with maybe others who are helping (maybe Bossk? Would be cool to see Black Krrsantan and Bossk have to work together through some Wookie/Trandoshan beef.