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Topic subjectI loved that from a character development standpoint.
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743446, I loved that from a character development standpoint.
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Jan-26-22 03:48 PM
Over the first two seasons of his show, Mando moved from being an individualistic bounty hunter to having a purpose because of Grogu. After season two - he’s not only lost his purpose, he’s lost his moral compass. So from a character development standpoint he’s LITERALLY right back to season 1, episode 1 with his “take you in warm or take you in cold” line, and him brutally decapitating someone. (Remember him using the door to cut a dude in half in the Mando premier?)

Then, not only has he lost his purpose and moral compass, but he’s lost his only remaining identity and “family” after admitting that he’d revealed his face to someone. At this point he has the Armorer and Paz Vizla gunning after him (both for the dark saber AND his Beskar since I’m sure she doesn’t view him as worthy of it as no longer a true Mandalorian). AND he has Bo Katan ready to come after him for the dark saber (he also owes her, he was supposed to help her retake Mandalore after the save Grogu mission).

That’s why he jumped at the chance to help Boba Fett. We’re in for an incredible ride.