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Topic subjectI just watched it on my phone in between meetings for work
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743400, I just watched it on my phone in between meetings for work
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Jan-19-22 02:33 PM
so I didn't notice the CGI issues in this episode. There have definitely been issues throughout the series though, so I'm not surprised.

I thought this episode was great. The one issue I have is the pacing...the spent a LOT of time in the flashback timeline that didn't give us any new information. We already knew how he found Fennec and saved her after she was left for dead in Mando, already knew that she had droid parts put in her to save her life, already knew that he'd gotten the Slave 1 back and that he'd killed Bib, etc., but it was all paced kinda slow as if this was new information.

That being said, there were little nuggets throughout that are likely important going forward...Fennec mentioned that there's no way the biker gang wiped out a Tusken tribe on their own. I definitely think the Pykes set that up. It was DOPE seeing Boba take them out with the Slave 1...also great to see the sarlacc get killed by a seismic charge.

Fennec also mentioned that he still needed healing on the inside - I think this entire season is about Boba figuring out who he is - post Jango Fett's son, post bounty hunter career, post near death experience in the Sarlacc, post member of a Tusken tribe, etc. They had a good conversation on why he wanted to be a daimyo - though I still think he has additional motivation. We're also seeing more on how he's "ruling with respect" - he could have made Black Krrsantan his slave based on the gift from the Hutt twins, but he let him go, later went to find him and then hired him legitimately. (How dope was the scene with BK taking on the Trandoshans? Given the history of Wookie/Trandoshan relationships he was likely hunted and made a slave by Trandoshans so the beef definitely makes sense.) Also the Godfather scene with him and the other families was handled completely respectfully = it will be interesting to see how that playes out. Fennec for the third time in this episode played the role of the audience, asking him if he could trust those criminals...

At the end of the episode when they talked about hiring muscle, did y'all notice that the music went to the Mandalorian theme? Would be great to see him in this...maybe get a bit of insight on what's coming on Mando season 3...