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Topic subjectThey tried to cram in EVERY chase scene trope...
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743330, They tried to cram in EVERY chase scene trope...
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Jan-13-22 12:21 PM
>I'm guessing Rodriguez and Favreau were going for a tribute to
>the car chases of old, but it didn't work. I'm sorry, I
>thought of Wayne's World 2 when they drove through a portrait
>of Jabba the Hutt that just happened to be crossing the

The ending with crashing into the barrel of fruit, the alley cuts, the chasers jumping a ramp to land on the car, etc...even the very beginning of the chase with dude locking the door to slow them down and then leaving out the back door...

Plus with the chase being so slow...I was waiting for something to completely go against expectations like having the mayor's assistant get killed by someone random during the chase.