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Topic subjectYeah, that part certainly wasn't my favorite
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743329, Yeah, that part certainly wasn't my favorite
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Jan-13-22 12:14 PM

>My only issue with this episode was that speeder chase...it
>went on too long for as low budget as it looked. I understand
>that every action sequence in a TV show is not gonna be
>theater level quality, but to that point there was no reason
>to have that chase go on that long, because it drew attention
>to the action being low budget.

I'm guessing Rodriguez and Favreau were going for a tribute to the car chases of old, but it didn't work. I'm sorry, I thought of Wayne's World 2 when they drove through a portrait of Jabba the Hutt that just happened to be crossing the street.

Rest of it was really good though. Especially the stuff with the Rancor. Boba riding one is going to be bad-ass.