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Topic subjectThey packed a LOT into this episode...
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743316, They packed a LOT into this episode...
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Jan-12-22 12:39 PM
Raw thoughts after just watching, spoilers below...

I love how the stories are coming together with the Pikes being involved in both the past and the present. Speaking of the past, my guess is that it wasn't the swoop gang who killed the Tuskens, but the Pike Syndicate did it and set it up to look like it was the swoop gang. The Pikes ain't going that easily after having their train hit. The dude Fett went to negotiate with obviously knew about what was happening to the Tuskens while he was gone. Plus the swoop gang was just a little group of thugs, no way they'd be able to catch the Tusken village sleeping like that. Heart strings were getting pulled when Boba laid the kid's gaffi stick on the fire...notice we didn't see a body of the warrior though, she's definitely still alive at this point.

Then in the present you have the Pikes showing up to take over Tatooine...Black Krrsantan fight (my guess is that at some point he comes back to save Boba). Nice quick cameo shot in Mos Eisley of Amy Sedaris's character from Mando and her pit droids. Danny Trejo with the Rancor (I definitely wouldn't trust him if I was Boba...that could be the Hutt twins second attempt at assassination with that "gift")

My only issue with this episode was that speeder chase...it went on too long for as low budget as it looked. I understand that every action sequence in a TV show is not gonna be theater level quality, but to that point there was no reason to have that chase go on that long, because it drew attention to the action being low budget.