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Topic subjectawesome. thanks for this
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743272, awesome. thanks for this
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Jan-07-22 01:05 PM
>The place where Boba Fett beat up the aliens and stole the
>bikes was Tosche Station (where Luke wanted to go to pick up
>the power converters). In a deleted scene from the first Star
>Wars, they show Luke going there at the very beginning of the
>movie tp hang out. The two humans who were being bullied by
>the bikers were the grown up versions of two of Luke's friends
>from Tattooine.
>The evil Wookie with the Hutt twins was Black Krrsantan. He's
>a bounty hunter they introduced in the Star Wars comic books
>that launched around the same time as Force Awakens. There was
>a Vader comic book where they introduced him, Dr. Aphra (an
>amoral archeologist who helps Vader), and essentially evil
>version of C3PO and R2D2. The characters were so popular that
>they've hung around until now.