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Topic subjectRogue One is my favorite individual movie by FAR...
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743270, Rogue One is my favorite individual movie by FAR...
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Jan-07-22 11:23 AM
>(honestly 'Rogue One'
>might be my favorite Movie of them all),

And I'm a huge Star Wars fan who finds something to love about all the movies. But if I'm picking one individual movie? Definitely Rogue One. You'll have people say that it's Empire Strikes Back, but Empire on it's own is incomplete. It's great because of where it fits in the OT, the challenges that came up and where they went. You'll have people say it's A New Hope, but when rewatching, the dialogue is cringy, and there's not a lot of meat to the story itself. It's great because of all of the innovations in making it and the fact that it launched this entire universe.

But if I'm judging one individual film? Rogue One managed to introduce a full cast of new characters, gave us enough character development for us to fall in love with all of them for different reasons, gave all of them wonderfully tragic individual death scenes, added to the overall ST lore and worldbuilding, gave us the best space battle in all of Star Wars, and gave us by FAR the best closing scene ever in a Star Wars movie. Even the music is COMPLETELY underrated - Michael Giacchino did heavy work on new themes that fit perfectly in the SW universe and tied right into the OT.

And this isn't a thing where I reevaluated it years later, I loved Rogue One on first watch. At one point when it was in the theaters I was literally going to see it 3-4 times a week, sneaking out of work early and catching late afternoon showings in nearly empty theaters. I love that movie.