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Topic subjectThat’s the beauty of it…fan service done right.
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743256, That’s the beauty of it…fan service done right.
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Jan-06-22 02:02 PM
In a universe as big as Star Wars with so many films, live and animated TV shows, books, comics, and video games all being large of a huge canon it’s wonderful to see little connections like this where you don’t need to know the background specifics, but for those who know they get that little reward.

It would be annoying if they made it where you had to read all the comics and books to know what’s happening, but to your point even if you don’t know who that character was you can see he’s an intimidating Wookiee, and from his glare towards Boba there’s a hint at some prior history between them. No need to know any more than that.