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Topic subjectI have trust that there’s a greet story they want to tell.
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743203, I have trust that there’s a greet story they want to tell.
Posted by soulfunk, Sat Jan-01-22 04:04 PM
In this premier episode they needed to do a couple things - first to establish how he escaped the sarlacc to get to where he was in Mando season 2, and second to establish what he’s doing now after Mando season 2.

You’re right about the unanswered question - WHY does he want to be a crime lord? After a life as a bounty hunter in which he was a total freelancer, why take on the responsibility and threat of running a criminal empire? There’s definitely got to be a reason. Again, I trust that Filoni/Favreau have that covered in the story they want to tell.

At this point there’s plenty of evidence in how Filoni builds stories up. Mando season 1 episode 1 was VERY similar to this episode, with the exception of the Grogu reveal at the end of that episode - and with Mando a hook was needed because with him being a completely new character without that reveal telling us what the season would be about, it felt like some guys playing around with Star Wars action figures and giving them new character names. Book of Boba will definitely have a full story to tell.