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Topic subjectYeah, i'm wondering how soon this breaks down
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743199, Yeah, i'm wondering how soon this breaks down
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Dec-31-21 07:43 PM
>Boba is a lot less ruthless than I thought he would be. I get
>it.. he has principles and wants to rule with respect.. but
>then why be a crimelord? To be a weak one? Doesn't make
>sense. He's a survivor, so why doesn't he have a plan to
>survive as the new boss in town? He is like the Anti-Tony

His refusal to torture the 2 Gomorrean guards worked out in his favor. I'm assuming it's going to be a case of people mistaking his kindness for weakness. That when he claps back its some medieval shit. I don't think he's on some Stringer bell try to reform the game shit. Boba's been around too long to not know the nature of the world he's dealing with. then again, he's never been top dog. not sure he's comfortable with it

I kinda share your underwhelmed sentiment even though i still really enjoyed it. my expectations for this are through the roof