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Topic subjectam i the only one who was underwhelmed?
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743197, am i the only one who was underwhelmed?
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Dec-31-21 07:13 PM
maybe my expectations were heightened by my experiences with The Mandalorian..

Something about the script felt clunky.

Boba is a lot less ruthless than I thought he would be. I get it.. he has principles and wants to rule with respect.. but then why be a crimelord? To be a weak one? Doesn't make sense. He's a survivor, so why doesn't he have a plan to survive as the new boss in town? He is like the Anti-Tony Montana.

I hate when Star Wars "aliens" speak modern English with terrestrial colloquial accents. It's seems lazy in comparison to the levels of detail they used to go into when making the original trilogy.

Those "ninjas" looked hella dumb. That monster with the 20-pack and 4 arms looked like some watered down Tokusatsu..like somebody you would see fighting the Power Rangers. Not Star Wars.

I love Boba Fett though and I'm a Temuera Morrison fan since Once Were Warriors. Also a Ming Na Wen fan since Joy Luck Club. Obviously a Mandalorian/Favreau fan. I see that the ep was directed by the infamous Robert Rodriguez.. who I consider to be legendary; however, LOTS of his directorial choices over the years are super questionable.
Not sure I want him in the Star Wars universe tbh

- Morrison/Ming Na Wen
- Boba Fett getting his story told
- Theme song is dope
- Still a lot of potential to be good
- The vibe is not exactly like Mandalorian (spaghetti western).. It's a little of that, but I'm getting more of a Sinbad the Sailor/Clash of The Titans vibe for some reason