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Topic subjectI believe that during this time period that
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743144, I believe that during this time period that
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Dec-29-21 05:02 PM
Qi’ra from Solo has popped up in comics as bringing back Crimson Dawn. That may have been pre-Endor (ROTJ) but that’s not long before this time period so I do believe that Crimson Dawn is back in some kind of way.

>I'm sure we'll see other syndicates but If I remember correctly by the time of this series >most of them had been wiped out or power wasn't a quarter of what it was during the Clone >Wars, with the exception of the Pikes.

>But it makes me curious, how in the hell did Bib Fortuna keep things going after Jabba's >death if they came at Bobba this way.

To your point, I think we’ll find out that Bib didn’t really keep things going, and that Jabba’s empire is pretty run down at this point such that Boba also doesn’t have much power. I’m that one Mando post-credit scene he took Bib out QUICK. The palace itself seems pretty abandoned. So I’d guess the story of this season will be him building the “family” back up.

When I mentioned “conflicted anti-hero” I meant that he’s clearly not ruthless evil, and from the little we saw in this episode I can see some tough decisions having to get made in balancing doing things his way vs. the ruthless way things had been done. He got caught slipping multiple times just in this episode from not taking Fennec Shands advise on how he needs to handle things. I definitely see some conflict happening during the season with him trying to be a “respectful” crime lord in a business where respect is seen as weakness.