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Topic subjectGreat Start, nice way to fill in holes
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743142, Great Start, nice way to fill in holes
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Dec-29-21 03:32 PM
>I love how they are using bacta tank dreams for flashbacks,
>can definitely see that continuing throughout the series with
>flashbacks from all kinds of eras. That quick shot of Kamino
>looked great, I hope we see more.
I think thats where they're going with the show, but I do wonder if his need to be in the bacta tank will continue. For now it looks like he needs it to get back to 100 but I hope it's not a "he needs the Bacta Tank to stay alive." cause that would suck.

>The story in the present time is starting off strong -
>there’s a lot of places they can take this. Obviously the
>mayor is going to be a problem. He might be bold because
>he’s backed by other criminal syndicates off world. Maybe
>the Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, or the Pikes? Also the Twilek
>running that cantina was obviously in on the hit that happened
>in the streets - loading up their helmets with credits so they
>wouldn’t be able to use…
I'm sure we'll see other syndicates but If I remember correctly by the time of this series most of them had been wiped out or power wasn't a quarter of what it was during the Clone Wars, with the exception of the Pikes.

Jennifer Beals Twilek is def in on it, my guess is the Mayor and a like are testing the new leadership of Fett. But it makes me curious, how in the hell did Bib Fortuna keep things going after Jabba's death if they came at Bobba this way.

>My one potential nitpick issue is that this seems tonally VERY
>similar to The Mandalorian. I’m sure there’s a specific
>story they want to tell, but I hope Fett is more of a
>conflicted antihero in those vs a guy with a dark past who
>turns good because of his moral code - I feel like this show
>(and the lead characters) need to be differentiated more,
>especially seeing that I expect Mandalorian to continue
>without Grogu as a main character (I don’t expect to see Z
>Grogu again until the series finale). But I’m excited about
>watching this show!

I think the tone is the way it is because we're seeing characters that live on the Outer Rim on of the SW Universe, so it's more of a wild west kinda vibe with things. I don't think we'll get a conflicted anti-hero vibe, Fett seems to know who he is and what he wants. He's just trying to do it his way and not like the previous people whom we obviously know how ruling by fear turned out for them.

I could be wrong but either way...