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Topic subjectit still doesn't feel *right* and Somerville's admitted as much
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743351, it still doesn't feel *right* and Somerville's admitted as much
Posted by Nodima, Fri Jan-14-22 04:53 PM
He was on The Watch podcast after the finale and they brought this up. He explained that the girl who Kirsten reads the comic book to in the finale was also supposed to have a minor arc in Episode 2 and 4 and we were supposed to have a better sense of who she was but it wound up getting cut for time. So when they were editing the show, they had a sense of what was going on with Kirsten and Tyler that the audience didn't necessarily have.

All there is is that one sentence which I definitely noticed but he's never presented as very trustworthy or unselfish (I see a lot of praise for the actor but I still think he played a lot of his scenes too, like, sneaky if that makes sense) so I didn't take that at face value until I didn't have any other choice.

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