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Topic subjectI like adult Tyler the actor, adult Kirstin I don't love
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743312, I like adult Tyler the actor, adult Kirstin I don't love
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Jan-12-22 08:28 AM
because the fact is I don't understand how anyone who would send kids in as bombs. That doesn't make any sense.

But that really isn't a problem with the actors, that's a problem with the story.

I don't understand how Clark saw the kid as a menace before he set the plane on fire. I do understand how Tyler arrived at his outlook of the world. He had neglectful parents and the terrorist who grew into could have been fixed if he just had an engaged parent explaining what was going on around him.

>I could've had a whole season of Jeevan, Kirstin and Frank.
>I could've had a whole season of Miranda and Arthur.
>I could've had a whole season of Clark and the airport
>I could've had a whole season of Kirstin and Gil.
>But I feel right to suspect the big ideas might miss some of
>the little things eventually, and its just nitpicks since I
>binged the whole damn thing in one sitting, but I think Tyler
>is miscast both times. It also seemed like they wanted us to
>sympathize with Tyler, but he was a jerk/idiot kid and and
>even bigger jerk adult. Yea, Clark became a weird perversion
>of a mad king but was he actually hurting anyone?
>Tyler in general doesn't make a lot of sense. This show is so
>vibey and positive given its subject matter most of the time
>that his weird Prophet schtick doesn't fit in. It worked
>during his first episode because he was able to bring in some
>of the weirder horror aspects that worked so well for the
>child soldiers...but he's also the guy who's working closely
>with Kirstin to take down a happy and functional small society
>in Northern Michigan because...? It all makes sense
>functionally - what's a dystopia with a religious cult? - but
>for a whole the show kept giving these vibes that maybe
>Kirstin was stuck in a split personality between an imaginary
>comic book world involving all the characters/archetypes from
>her Before in a way that both how I started thinking that was
>the case and what Tyler actually is just confuses me. I'm not
>sold she went from stabbing that dude and nearly being killed
>by child suicide bombers directed by his hand before coming
>across her own gravestone...to collaborating in a terrorist
>act herself, all in just a week?
>...But, yea. Overall really in love with this show and the
>stuff I don't like isn't as goofy as the stuff that threatened
>to careen Maniac off the rails.
>Though I do chuckle a bit whenever Kirstin is this knife-based
>comic book superhero all of a sudden. Or whenever they refer
>to her stabbing people like it's, y'know, just kinda her thing
>or whatever.
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