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Topic subjectthe paragraph below somewhat delves in my one criticism
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743297, the paragraph below somewhat delves in my one criticism
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jan-10-22 10:43 AM
>Tyler in general doesn't make a lot of sense. This show is so
>vibey and positive given its subject matter most of the time
>that his weird Prophet schtick doesn't fit in. It worked
>during his first episode because he was able to bring in some
>of the weirder horror aspects that worked so well for the
>child soldiers...but he's also the guy who's working closely
>with Kirstin to take down a happy and functional small society
>in Northern Michigan because...? It all makes sense
>functionally - what's a dystopia with a religious cult? - but
>for a whole the show kept giving these vibes that maybe
>Kirstin was stuck in a split personality between an imaginary
>comic book world involving all the characters/archetypes from
>her Before in a way that both how I started thinking that was
>the case and what Tyler actually is just confuses me. I'm not
>sold she went from stabbing that dude and nearly being killed
>by child suicide bombers directed by his hand before coming
>across her own gravestone...to collaborating in a terrorist
>act herself, all in just a week?

for the show so far, but like I said in my response below, I'll wait until the last episode before I have full conviction in my judgements.