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Topic subjectThanks for this post and the responses.
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743295, Thanks for this post and the responses.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jan-10-22 08:37 AM
I wouldn't have checked this show out if it wasn't for them.

I'm getting a ton of Leftovers vibes from this show in the sense that the cause for the loss in population isn't heavily dealt with this show, similar to how the Leftovers didn't heavily explain it on their show as well. This feels less supernatural than Leftovers since it was a flu strain that wiped out the population. And like others have said already, the flash backs are masterfully done on this show. Probably the best I've seen for a TV show.

I do have one minor bordering on major complaint on how one character is being treated in the season so far, but I'll hold my tongue to see how they are treated in the tenth episode. I'm assuming that's the season and series finale.

I was just checking imdb.com to ensure this will the only season for the show and as I was checked the cast, I was shocked and stunned that Deborah Cox is actually on the show. That's some damn fine acting and make up work on the shows part because I had no clue she was one of the cast members.