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Topic subjectYou're missing out on The Punisher, IMO. Big time.
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743308, You're missing out on The Punisher, IMO. Big time.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Jan-11-22 01:06 PM
>I felt
>the character was already done right in DD S2 (which was

No doubt. But Punisher S1 delves much deeper into him, and does some solid commentary on the impact of PTSD. Some soldiers, quite literally, cannot leave, and this is explored to great effect IMO. I think we also get a deeper dive into Frank Castle the man.

I finally finished S2 and I'm mad I had it on the back burner for so long. Again, it does a great job building on Frank Castle the man. Sure, it's not like he's particularly complex. But he's among the most well written and fully-actualized characters in the entire MCU IMO, despite having fewer notes to play.

Each their own and whatnot, but Punisher is definitely worth the watch, particularly if you liked what you saw in DD. Of course, if you bailed after two eps, maybe not. But both seasons build out pretty well, and the supporting cast is arguably the best of the Marvel Netflix shows IMO. I like Karen as an ally to Frank much more than I do her role in DD, for example.

Madoni is also a star, rivaling any supporting character in the other shows.

Kilgrave and Kingpin set a really high bar for villains in these shows, and the central villain of Punisher can't measure up to those impeccable- impossible?- standards, but he's deeply compelling in his own right.

>>the disney marvel series prolly fucked up my standards
>>theyre shorter with much more meat and little filler. the
>>netflix series felt spread too thin over that length of

There is that, of course. lol