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Topic subjectRE: i watched the following seasons in order
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743111, RE: i watched the following seasons in order
Posted by Options, Mon Dec-27-21 08:30 PM
>the highlights imo were dd s3 and the punisher heavy half of
>dd s2. the actual punisher series was pretty convoluted and
>boring (especially s2).

I skipped Punisher as well after one or two episodes. I felt the character was already done right in DD S2 (which was GREAT).

>the disney marvel series prolly fucked up my standards because
>theyre shorter with much more meat and little filler. the
>netflix series felt spread too thin over that length of

just out of curiosity, did you binge these? cuz I've seen these criticisms a lot and I never felt that way. (I mean, some stuff could've been cut, yeah, but nothing was a slog for me.) my theory is that most people who felt this way were moving through multiple episodes at a time and the shows just really aren't built for that, IMO.