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Topic subjecti watched the following seasons in order
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743110, i watched the following seasons in order
Posted by Reeq, Mon Dec-27-21 06:37 PM
dd s1
jj s1
dd s2
p s1
dd s3
p s2

i watched a defenders recap on youtube before dd s3 because there were some important plot points carrying over there.

the highlights imo were dd s3 and the punisher heavy half of dd s2. the actual punisher series was pretty convoluted and boring (especially s2). jj s1 was just a chore to get through for me. i wasnt feeling it.

the disney marvel series prolly fucked up my standards because theyre shorter with much more meat and little filler. the netflix series felt spread too thin over that length of episodes.

i see why i was never really that motivated to check these out.