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Topic subjectI'll defend Iron Fist-but only a little, lol
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743017, I'll defend Iron Fist-but only a little, lol
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Dec-21-21 07:48 PM
There's a certain, I dunno, charm to it.

Everything about Danny Rand is "bless your heart", and somehow that element works in spite of himself.

It's a weak back story with weak villains and a weak overall story. I was good with it for what it was, but I can't really begrudge the

I suppose the lone defensible element of this is Colleen Wing, who is well done, and to my understanding takes on a bigger role in S2. But I could be wrong about that. I never finished S1 and never returned lol.

Defenders isn't very good to be honest. May as well watch it just to complete that phase 1 arc and all, and it's dope to see them together in a few scenes, but that shit was not good.