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Topic subjectJessica Jones S1 is fantastic IMO.
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743016, Jessica Jones S1 is fantastic IMO.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Dec-21-21 07:43 PM
If all you do is DD and Punisher, you're golden though.

Luke Cage S2 is dope IMO and ends on a great note- which is the biggest problem because it reshuffled the deck in a big way going forward.

IMO, that first Punisher season is must see.

I love S1 of JJ, but never caught the rest, so I can't recommend them.

DD is strong from start to finish, though there are some issues.

Defenders is... for completionists lol. I liked seeing them together, particularly Iron Fist and Luke Cage, who had surprisingly excellent chemistry together, despite Iron Fist being an annoying character and a weak show overall.