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Topic subjectMan I initially hated Tomei as Aunt May
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743409, Man I initially hated Tomei as Aunt May
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jan-20-22 02:41 PM
Simply because I thought Marisa Tomei was way too hot to be anyone's Aunt May. But I guess you are right. I've seen Uncle Ben die too many times for it to have any impact on me. You are right, this is the hardest earned death I've ever seen in a superhero flick. I was not ready for it and felt it...which is how we are supposed to feel when "Uncle Ben" dies.

Seen these MCU movies forces me to abandon a lot of my traditionalist views when it comes to superhero movies. I've got to let it go and allow these movies to be updated so my kids get the same feeling from it as when I was a kid. I felt this one.

Logan still trash though.

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