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Topic subjectI wish I liked it more
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743391, I wish I liked it more
Posted by Nodima, Wed Jan-19-22 05:58 AM
I'm happy for the people that have lost their minds over this. I skipped the Garfield movies and feel a little bad about it if only because he basically stole this one out from under my feet. I love the idea of a Sinister Six story - especially after the Spider-Man video game - but it just didn't play for me without that emotional attachment to all the villains.

I also couldn't get over how confusing and silly the setup for this whole situation was, and from there couldn't stop going scene by scene wondering about capitalism vs. creativity, sadly.

The most exciting stuff for me was the last half hour, where it seemed like Sony was hinting at Spidey getting away from the greater concerns of the MCU and taking some time to figure out who HE is. That's literally ALL I WANT from the Holland Spider-Man. ...And yet even then, maybe Holland bows out and doesn't play the role?

Loved seeing Dafoe as the Goblin again, though. I get it. Other than Brolin's Thanos comic book movies famously struggle with their villains and Dafoe's take on Osborne is a no brainer. Just didn't get why Lizard, Sandman and Electro had to be involved as well - other than it makes Maguire's involvement make sense, despite reminding me of a similarly flimsy movie.

It's weird. Had a great time, was never bored, but left the movie thinking it'd be cool if I'd not seen it at all considering how much of it was dedicated to "I know what that is" and "I remember that moment" scenes.

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