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Topic subjectI don't think those shoes are all that big
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743027, I don't think those shoes are all that big
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Dec-22-21 03:07 AM
I don't think either of those portrayals are all that singular.

Great performances, sure, but I don't see either as so towering that a new iteration can't compete at bare minimum.

Plus, it's been well over a decade for both- this film notwithstanding.

We are already conditioned to see multiple iterations of characters, and often with good affect.

McAvoy and Fassbender's turn at Xavier and Magneto spring to mind- regardless of how poorly the films themselves were executed, they nailed those characters. They did so with a much smaller gap between theirs and the original version.

Moreover, Stewart and Mckellen were far more iconic in their respective roles than Molina and Dafoe were in theirs, and I don't really think that's up for debate, though it's obviously somewhat subjective.

That isn't to say that Sony necessarily will or can yield similar results with new iterations of Ock and Goblin- lord knows they're their own worst enemy in these films- but I think any sentiment that Molina and Dafoe put in such towering, iconic performances that they're going to be *that* difficult to match is just that: sentiment.