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Topic subjectBut are you gonna get a better Ock or Goblin? I doubt it
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743024, But are you gonna get a better Ock or Goblin? I doubt it
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Dec-21-21 11:36 PM
You got HUGE shoes to fill to make another version of both iconic characters, and I don't know if anyone gets out of the shadow of Molina or Dafoe for either role. You could end up with Ledger's Joker. Or you could end up with DeHaan's Goblin. Not sure it's worth the risk. Still in Feige we trust, so I'm sure whatever direction they go, it will be OK.

I do agree with Aunt Bae. For this iteration of Spiderman, it works to have a younger Mae, and Tomei and Holland really worked well together. But white haired Mae is always my favorite, if nothing for nostalgia.

They could do a Hobgoblin storyline. Plenty of people wore that mantle, not just Ned Leeds (I actually had ASM #289 where they finally revealed Ned as Hobby)