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Topic subjectI think we can still see Ock or Goblin.
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743014, I think we can still see Ock or Goblin.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Dec-21-21 06:08 PM
Just because there is no Oscorp in this world, that can easily be retconned to "yet".

Same with Ock.

Granted, they'd need to jump through some hoops to get there, but it's not much of a stretch IMO.

Far as aunt Bae, they struck a decent balance there. It would have been cool to see her grow into a more traditional May. I have no beef with the classic May portrayal but I just think they made all the right choices to freshen up the character as a whole, and she was a huge part of that.

I also think this gives them a good opportunity to elevate other villains. Kraven, for example, and I think Gargan is the pick for Holland's Venom.