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Topic subjectA beautiful love letter to Peter Parker
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742975, A beautiful love letter to Peter Parker
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Dec-20-21 01:24 PM
That's what this was.

And May? Salute. That was hard. I like this May/Peter combo better than any other. Because more than any other, that bond felt real.

And her death, after imparting so much of her worldview into Peter, her insistence on doing the right thing, on helping people, knowing the potential danger, man... I don't know. I'm mad at her. She's naive, etc.

But that was probably the best, hardest earned death I can think of in a superhero flick. And it's not like she's in every scene. But every scene they're in together, in all three films, that love and affection shines.

So her death scene was important to get right. And everyone nailed it IMO. There is no weak link there. Every choice was on point IMO.