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Topic subjectSo much movie. So much good movie
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742969, So much movie. So much good movie
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Dec-20-21 12:27 AM
Dislikes: Of all the enemies, Sandman had the least going on. Granted, THC didn't have much to do in Spiderman 3 either, but with your other enemies were cracking, his lack of anything substantive was notable.

Some of the meta conversation was a bit too on the nose. The 'black Spiderman' line in particular was a little much (but played well in the theatre).

Likes: damn near everything else. Dafoe BROUGHT IT. He knew exactly how to bring the manic Osborne energy and did it in spades. So glad most of the trailers was focused on Molina (who was killer too) so everyone could experience Green Goblin without any notions. Garfield was better in this than either ASM movies, which was great to see. The mirror universe bit was awesome, and having Pete figure it out with math was perfect.

This was a bunch of big swings in this. They basically did 5/6 of a Sinister Six movie, pulled off the classic Goblin and Electro suits, redid the One More Day storyline from the comic, and did a live action reenactment of the opening scene of the Spiderman PS4 game and pulled it off, all while keeping it very much a Spiderman/Peter Parker story more than a Marvel story. That takes some serious writing. I'm super impressed.

Oh, and not sure if I was happier of seeing Matt Murdoch or Stewie in this...