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Topic subjectThis is my guess as well
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742967, This is my guess as well
Posted by pretentious username, Sun Dec-19-21 11:22 PM
>My best guess from what we have now is that that symbiote
>jumps from Mexico and finds the MCU version of Eddie Brock to
>find Spider-Man as originally planned, but that could be

I think it finds this universe’s Eddie and the new Eddie would have to be played by Hardy. He’s just too popular. But I agree it was a bit disappointing at face value.

>Edit: Did anyone else catch any standout figures when reality
>was tearing around the Statue of Liberty? I could make out OG
>Rhino with the basic skin-tight suit, but I'd have to scour
>the frames to make out anything else.

Same. Only saw Rhino. In the earlier spell-casting scene I think I saw Infinity though.