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Topic subjectActually kinda bummed about the Venom stinger.
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742959, Actually kinda bummed about the Venom stinger.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sun Dec-19-21 03:58 AM
Because...what are we saying here? You brought him into the universe for less than 10 minutes just to zap him back out, but also leave a drop of symbiote? Does that mean Tom Hardy is done with Venom? I know this whole thing is about the multiverse but I don't see them having multiple Venom characters at the same time.

My best guess from what we have now is that that symbiote jumps from Mexico and finds the MCU version of Eddie Brock to find Spider-Man as originally planned, but that could be far-fetched.

Edit: Did anyone else catch any standout figures when reality was tearing around the Statue of Liberty? I could make out OG Rhino with the basic skin-tight suit, but I'd have to scour the frames to make out anything else.