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Topic subject"Invasion" AppleTV
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742842, "Invasion" AppleTV
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sat Dec-11-21 09:16 AM
the acting on this one is stellar, excellent. REALLY impressed.

i'm a fan of this kind of storytelling: the slow burn, the slow peeling of the onion, so i dug this a lot. (that said, i'd say there were a few eps in the middle they could have consolidated)...

...BUT, thats my only significant criticism. outside of that i'm really into this.

spoiler in case you cant figure out from the Title of the series...

for me one of the standout elements (along with the OUTSTANDING acting that i already mentioned) was creature designs...creative, fresh and new: felt truly 'alien' and yet grounded at the same time. same goes with the alien tech we see ....

hope it gets a second season. This "Invasion", and 'Foundation' are making us happy we have AppleTv (oh, and "Schmigadoon!" too cuz thats my sh#t!)

have you listened to
her stuff?


RIP David Williams:
742976, Worst. Show. Ever.
Posted by nipsey, Mon Dec-20-21 03:35 PM
I never hated watching a show as much as this one.