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Topic subjectAll fair points!
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743392, All fair points!
Posted by Nodima, Wed Jan-19-22 06:06 AM
I suppose my problem was I never found a sympathetic ear for anyone else in the movie, either, so as Cumberbatch and McPhee's relationship became the focus of the movie it felt like...man, this guy really is looking out for this kid despite his earlier bullying, it's kinda lame that we're just gonna celebrate his poisoning at the kid's hand because nobody in this movie had any happiness at all. I get he contributed to that, but it also felt like in a family full of people unable or unwilling to be honest with themselves at least he was trying in his own convoluted way.

Perhaps if the Campion's direction hadn't been so dry and observational I could have found a key somewhere. But it felt to me like a handful of bad people being bad to themselves or others and he was only the worst of the bunch by virtue of being the least willing to conform to whatever pursuit of happiness Landry and Juliet (can't help it) were going for.

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