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Topic subjectI would not call Cumberbatch's character a "pretty decent guy," lol.
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743241, I would not call Cumberbatch's character a "pretty decent guy," lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-05-22 12:06 PM
He's an emotional abuser throughout the movie.

Asshole to his brother, but his brother just bottles it all up, as you have to do with family sometimes (you can tell how much his brother craves kindness by the fact that he starts crying when Rose encourages him to try dancing).

Asshole to the kid at first for his lisp and his general effeminate vibe. Only starts being remotely nice to the kid when he realizes his secret spot-- and quite possibly his stash of nude men photos-- is discovered. Is he nice just to keep the kid quiet? Or is he nice because he sees himself in the kid? Either way, I wouldn't call it benevolence, lol.

Asshole to Native Americans, choosing to burn hides instead of selling them to the traders from the local tribe.

And obviously absolutely psychologically torments Rose to the point that she starts drinking, lol. He's fucking with her from day 1, trying specifically to get her to leave through emotional warfare and manipulation.

So I deeeeeefinitely don't think he's a decent guy. Is he a guy with misunderstood motives? Maybe, sure. Is he a guy who we feel a little sympathy for in that he's got to keep his gayness hidden for his entire life, so he can never be himself? Definitely. But that also doesn't excuse the fact that his compensation for that inner turmoil manifests itself in him being a total prick to everyone, lol.