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Topic subjectThe Power of the Dog (Campion, Netflix, 2021)
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742801, The Power of the Dog (Campion, Netflix, 2021)
Posted by Nodima, Tue Dec-07-21 06:54 PM
So PTP isn't fuckin' with critics' favorite Oscar contender, eh?

Good 'cause it's basic. I LIKE it, and it LOOKS good, and sometimes the performances are GOOD but boy does this movie mistake being elusive for being clever. Half the time it feels like the characters are talking in non sequiturs to each other just to keep the audience from latching on, while at others it's so try-hardy cowpoke which is really just a shame considering the heater westerns and western-likes have been on from There Will Be Blood, The Coward Robert Ford and the True Grit reboot all the way up through the video game Red Dead Redemption II and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Again, I think it's a recommendable movie if you like the director, the actors, the genre, but I'm shocked just how over the moon people are about this one. I mean, am I being weird or didn't Cumberbatch's character actually wind up coming off like a pretty decent guy who didn't deserve all the shit he got from these judgy ass people surrounding him?

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