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Topic subjectBenedetta (Verhoeven!, 2021)
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742767, Benedetta (Verhoeven!, 2021)
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Dec-04-21 01:10 PM
The God of Cinema is back. https://youtu.be/n-31QJXV3iA

It's great. The usual Verhoeven examination of inherent hypocrisies within self-righteous institutions, the usual Verhoeven combination of extreme violence and full-blown horniness. If Verhoeven was going to make a movie about the Church, I'd expect nothing less than stigmas, lesbian nuns, and Jesus beheading a man.

The "Showgirls with nuns" shorthand I've seen people using isn't fair. I know Showgirls has been reclaimed by some as a cult classic, a quietly brilliant movie underneath the stilted dialogue. Here, there's no such stilt. It's endlessly provocative, and maybe a bit of a mess by the end, but it's by miles one of the most interesting movies that's made it to the screen in 2021. And I wish we had more Verhoevens making movies today.