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Topic subjectArcane (Netflix 2021)
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742687, Arcane (Netflix 2021)
Posted by Melanism, Sat Nov-27-21 08:20 PM
This is definitely my favorite thing I have watched on Netflix this year and may be their best original animated project.

I was not familiar with any of the League of Legends lore but the animations, story voice work, everything was great...as long as you can deal with some Imagine Dragons music.
742692, RE: Arcane (Netflix 2021)
Posted by Castro, Sun Nov-28-21 03:04 PM
watched two episodes so far, and I likes.
742738, Amazing story telling. Definitely going to see more of this genre
Posted by Castro, Wed Dec-01-21 12:17 PM
"Video Game cut scene series"
742746, gorgeous animation
Posted by shamus, Wed Dec-01-21 08:01 PM
only 2 eps in but will definitely finish.

> everything was great...as
>long as you can deal with some Imagine Dragons music.

the only thing i don't like is that opening theme song lol

742765, yeah, this thing looks GOOD
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sat Dec-04-21 09:33 AM
watched two eps so far....
its beautiful, every frame is just beautiful to watch.
whoever has been directing these first two eps 'moi'<chefs kiss)...loving their choices.

im invested in the characters/story so far too, so yes, count me in, adding this to the list of shows im gonna continue to watch.

742848, YES....watch this.
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sun Dec-12-21 10:18 PM
742861, How did you all feel about Powder?
Posted by shamus, Mon Dec-13-21 12:18 AM
I guess this makes me terrible, but I had difficulty feeling any empathy. She really made me tired. However, I think the extremity of her distress at being left alone was well portrayed. I definitely wasn't expecting the show to take on the portrayal of a character with a complex attachment issue.

On another note, I still just continually think about the beauty of the characters. I loved the ethnic diversity. I just LOVED Ekko's face, younger and older. And Mel's, and Grayson's, Viktor's, the sister with a clock around her neck on the Council lol, and even Marcus' shitty ass had a great face...
742905, fun little show. excited for the fighting game w/ these folks
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Dec-14-21 10:41 PM
Riot is coming for a lot of heads across a variety of media
742929, yes
Posted by Options, Thu Dec-16-21 10:19 AM
>Riot is coming for a lot of heads across a variety of media

and I'll be there for it off the strength of this show. I jumped in blind and came away seriously impressed on multiple levels. now I'm looking forward to season 2, the fighting game AND the action-platformer featuring Ekko. they got me.
743218, Anime of the year....
Posted by KnowOne, Tue Jan-04-22 11:29 AM
wow I was blown away by this!!!