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Topic subjectFABLE (Netflix Japan, 2019)
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742675, FABLE (Netflix Japan, 2019)
Posted by Castro, Thu Nov-25-21 01:47 PM
A hitman who is so good that he is an urban legend to rival gangs is sent out of town for a year to lay low....his Boss, who has raised him since childhood as a killer, has one hard and fast rule for him during this year - DON'T KILL ANYONE.

He is sent with another assassin, a woman, who poses as his sister, and they try to live 'normal' lives...but of course things go left.

There are two installments to this series, FABLE and FABLE: The hitman who doesn't kill. Both are on Netflix. The first one is better but both have pretty good stunts and gun ballet throughout, and some good comedic moments.