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Topic subjectKing Richard (Green, 2021)
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742642, King Richard (Green, 2021)
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Nov-21-21 09:28 PM
As someone who usually doesn't like celebrity biopics, I was really impressed by this. It's well-constructed, beautifully shot (Robert Elswit, put him on the DP Mount Rushmore), and finds room for some nice grace notes of complexity amidst the standard boilerplate biopic stuff. Smith, Ellis, the kids, all good performances. I'm a fan.
742648, RE: King Richard (Green, 2021)
Posted by Castro, Mon Nov-22-21 04:05 PM
Richard William's autobiography is an amazing book.
742651, White feminists are attacking the movie for being about the Williams' dad.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Mon Nov-22-21 05:49 PM
Instead of focusing on the sisters. Despite the fact the Williams sisters literally PRODUCED it. To the point of saying they are brainwashed by the patriarchy. Unbelievable

742653, I'm glad the William's sisters produced it.
Posted by upUPNorth, Mon Nov-22-21 06:30 PM
and yeah, this backlash is stupid. Before the movie and all this came out, and I wasn't really that aware of how it was being made, I was more concerned the Williams' had no part in it and it would be messed up for some like 'Harriet' random black assassin type reason.