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Topic subjectStar Wars Vision (Disney+)
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742150, Star Wars Vision (Disney+)
Posted by calij81, Thu Sep-23-21 09:14 AM
Anyone watch this yet? It’s a collection of short stories set in and inspired by Star Wars.

I watched it last night and I really liked it. I recommend watching it.
742160, Watched the first two
Posted by stylez dainty, Thu Sep-23-21 12:59 PM
The first episode features an animation style that blew me away. Loved every second of it, and I'm not really into Star Wars. Actually it makes sense that this one would resonate because the only thing that I think is revolutionary about the original Star Wars is the production design, and this was groundbreaking to me in the blend of animation/visual styles.

The second one was cute but will probably only be loved by elementary school aged kids.
742161, the first one was INSANE visually
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Sep-23-21 03:35 PM
i actually ran it back again instead of moving to ep 2
742167, I did the same thing. I want to take my time watching these instead of
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Sep-24-21 08:33 AM
binging - but that first episode The Duel was amazing visually, and there was a LOT packed into it in terms of story.

I really love the freedom they gave the studios with these not having to be held to cannon - so they were able to really be creative. Those creative ideas could end up making their way into cannon also.
742175, YES and YES.
Posted by Castro, Fri Sep-24-21 12:10 PM
742177, That first one was fantastic
Posted by calij81, Fri Sep-24-21 02:08 PM
I loved the animation and all the costume designs of the characters.
742265, COULD NOT believe it!
Posted by spades, Mon Oct-04-21 02:29 PM
Some of the most arresting work I've ever seen. Straight up.
742186, I just have to say again, I’m loving taking my time
Posted by soulfunk, Sun Sep-26-21 12:45 PM
watching these. It’s a pretty unique experience these days - typically with episodic TV shows either they release all at once and you have to binge watch to avoid spoilers, or they release every week and you have to rush to watch that day to avoid spoilers. Recently that has meant for both the Marvel shows and Mandalorian I end up having to get up and watch at 6am before work when I’m really tired, or on a break from work on my computer or my phone. In both cases not an optimal viewing experience, but it’s either that or have something spoiled.

With Visions though, since each episode is completely separate, and also short and digestible, I can take my time and watch when I have a moment with the kids doing something else (or sleep) in my basement with my projector screen. And if I want I can run an episode back to back to really catch everything.

I’m just through episode three at this point. I REALLY loved that one (The Twins) and how it leaned all the way into the anime style of hyperbole in storytelling, and it just feels so good to see a Star Wars story not hampered down by the rules of cannon or connections to other characters.
742209, I REALLY want follow-up on some of these stories.
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Sep-28-21 08:53 AM
I know there's a book based on The Duel that I may check out. But they need to continue more of the stories...The Ninth Jedi was pretty mindblowing, and there were several cliffhangers. I still have a couple more episodes to check out.
742210, I want a follow-up on both of those episodes
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue Sep-28-21 09:48 AM
I'd love to get a series with the two Jedi from The Elder and The Village Bride
742249, I can skip the 2nd but the rest of them were fire
Posted by Mafamaticks, Fri Oct-01-21 10:40 AM