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746999, Some Thoughts
Posted by nipsey, Tue Dec-20-22 02:47 AM
I really enjoyed this season. It was tension filled and suspenseful throughout. Trying to figure out who died was working my nerves. Edge of your seat stuff.

I think everybody watching called Albie being played by Lucia. That was the ONLY thing I was sure of. Oh yeah, and Lucia was hot AF. But not 50,000 Euros hot.

And by the second episode with Quentin, I was pretty sure they were up to some shadiness. I mean EVERY one of those dudes looked shady. I mean, if they weren't shady they certainly weren't trying to not look shady. And they always would look at each other shadily. And that grey haired dude was creepy AF. Dude looked like a real pervert.

I feel like Portia could've saved Tanya's life if she was more assertive.

1) She shoulda gone back to that Palazzo that night Jack got wasted.
2) She shoulda gone back the next morning after it was OBVIOUS that dude took her phone.
3) She shoulda taken Jack's phone and went back to find Tanya when Jack went to the restroom the next day.
4) She DEFINITELY should not have gotten into the car and rode with him.

I mean, everything about what he said and his behavior was suspicious AF and she still hung out with him. He legit could've killed her and she didn't think that was a possibility.

I think it's intentional that us viewers don't know what happened between Harper/Cameron and Ethan/Daphne. I'm not going to assume they hooked up. I thin the point of it all was to show how paranoid Ethan got after realizing how neglected his wife had been and how much of a douche his college roommate has been.

Speaking of Cameron, this dude almost ruined Ethan's marriage. F*cking hookers in Ethan's room, popping molly, then dragging his feet on paying the hookers? No way Ethan invests money with Cameron's company now. LOL!

One final lesson from this show. If you go to a White Lotus Resort, your family's gonna self destruct. But if you're lucky, it might get back together before you go back home.