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Topic subjectyeah i'm sure she breaks them down into 2d caricatures
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746921, yeah i'm sure she breaks them down into 2d caricatures
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-13-22 06:51 PM
in her mind.
Cam: a privileged, white, entitled, alpha-bro douche, and thinking what does it say about Daph to be with someone like that.. arm candy who doesn't read the news or vote.

but Daphne was nothing but decent to her, and showed much more depth, and Harper was clearly attracted to Cam even though he IS exactly as advertised. we don't know exactly what happened but it's obviously more than 'he kissed me for 2 seconds'.

Harper's a dick

>Then again, Harper doesn't really see them as real people.
>They're like central casting evil rich people in her mind.
>At least from what I saw.