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Topic subjectYeah, and I think she was more hurt by Harper than Cam
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746914, Yeah, and I think she was more hurt by Harper than Cam
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-13-22 03:31 PM
she knows Cam is a dog, but for Harper to go there after she opened up to her.. and specifically asked if Cam cheats on her, is kinda extra fucked up.

then she flipped that switch again, like, welp, lets go make this right. it was a way to help Ethan, get back at Cam but more importantly, not allow Harper to victimize her.

even her way of telling Harper about her kid's dad without telling her. when Harper said, it's just a picture of your kids, she wasn't gonna flat out tell her. it was more... yeah you don't get it so lets move on. maybe it'll sink in later.

Daph might be my favorite character of this season